3 Ways To Make A Long-Lasting Impact This Earth Day 2020

The Battle Against Climate Change Needs To Continue Despite Coronavirus

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day event, this annual occasion is celebrated in over 100 countries and has gained traction in South Africa over the past few years. Earth Day 2020, taking place on the 22nd of April, is one of the largest non-religious gatherings worldwide and highlights the importance of taking care of the environment. However, with the significant gain of the movement in SA, activists and participants are now left with questions as to how they will celebrate the environment while staying at home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Earth Day celebrations usually include activities such as climate strikes, conferences, beach clean-ups, hiking, outdoor group yoga, however, due to lockdown regulation, outdoor activities and gatherings of large groups are not possible. Here are a few ideas of fun things you can do for Earth Day 2020 that will have a lasting impact on the environment beyond the Coronavirus:

Start and cultivate a garden

Contrary to popular belief, gardening does not require huge spaces and amazing luxury gardens. You can grow flowers, plants and trees on your balcony, garden or inside. Not only is this great for restoring living things in the environment but also offers major health benefits and contributes to general well-being. Beginners will discover that there is pure satisfaction in watching your flowers bloom and pleasure in growing and eating your own veggies, so what better way to learn self-reliance and self-sufficiency than planting. 

Re-organise household waste and recyclables

Recycling is one of the popular concepts used to describe waste management, this means separating household waste according to their material and having it collected by a recycling company. This process takes time to set up bins inside the kitchen with different labels such as glass, paper, metals and plastic. This could be done without leaving the house to buy new bins by using old tins and jars stored away in your kitchen or garage.

Declutter and build an ethical wardrobe

The first and most important step to building a sustainable wardrobe is looking at what you have and removing what you don’t like and wear. The second step is to evaluate what could be mended and repurposed, or even upcycled. Sustainable fashion isn’t a completely new idea but one of the challenges with building an ethical wardrobe is finding out where to start shopping. Retail brands are far more transparent about their clothing make-up in 2020, which aids all of us in opting for natural fibres and more sustainable options. The sky’s the limit in terms of product and price range. Merino wool is an obvious choice for every sustainable wardrobe as wool is a fibre that works in many formats for all seasons and all temperatures. Merino wool has gained substantial popularity internationally, specifically in the exercise and outdoor sectors, and we’re seeing an increase in South Africa too.


Let us know how you are celebrating Earth Day 2020 and share your tips and tricks with us on how you live more sustainably to combat climate change.  

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