A praise for sleeveless tanks

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Why a sleeveless tank is a versatile clothing item in your wardrobe


The other day, we had a Core Merino team discussion about our sleeveless tank top that we have in our men’s and women’s collections. To be honest, it wasn’t a very objective discussion, as we just exchanged our experiences and preferences of wearing the sleeveless top. But in the end, we came to the conclusion that sleeveless tanks were overly underrated and not valued enough today. Which made us think we should write a blog post about the sleeveless and share our love for this special wardrobe item with you. 


The origin of the tank

Without wanting to bore you with too much history, there is a great article written by the Undershirtguy about how the sleeveless tank that we know today came about. Interestingly, its history already began in 1868 as part of a female emancipation reform in the form of the Union suit – a comfortable female undergarment which men then adapted quickly for themselves due to all its comfort and benefits. From there, the sleeveless undergarment developed into what it is today. To read more about the history, click here. 

Ideal undergarment 

Although no longer restricted to being worn only as an undergarment, the sleeveless tank is indeed still great to be worn underneath other clothes as part of a layering system. Particularly in winters, the sleeveless always fits underneath a t-shirt or shirt without being bulky underneath the armpit or lurking out anywhere. Our sleeveless tanks, for example, are designed to fit smoothly around the core of your body without restricting your movement in any way. This ensures that you can keep your upper body and particularly your lower back warm.


Adapt easily to changing temperatures throughout the day

Wearing a sleeveless as part of a layering system does not only come in handy during winters but also during the rest of the year. We all know those days when it is still chilly during the early mornings but once the sun shines bright, temperatures rise quickly. This is where it is handy to start the day with a sleeveless tank underneath a short sleeve or long sleeve shirt, and then take off the shirt or tank once temperatures rise. This makes you flexible to adapt to any situation and keep your body comfortable.

Avoid sweat stains 

One more thing to consider is the ability of the sleeveless tank to absorb moisture without it starting to show on your smart shirt that you wear on top. This can be a benefit when you need to look particularly smart at the office or an event. 


Ideal for sports and leisure

While the sleeveless tank is ideal as part of a layering system, it is also great worn on its own for being active or during leisure time. Here are a few benefits.

Hot summer – sweat better evaporates

When working out during hot temperatures, a sleeveless tank is ideal as the sweat can evaporate directly into the air without first getting stuck in the fabric. This keeps you cool and comfortable throughout your workout. A sleeveless tank out of merino wool will also ensure that the rest of your upper body stays cool and well ventilated, as the merino wool will do all the moisture-wicking and cooling for you (read more about this here or here). 



Sleeveless tanks are the most lightweight of a garment you can get, as it uses a minimum of fabric. This ensures that you can move freely without being burdened down by fabric weight while you are active.  


Less friction

Another advantage of doing sports like running in a sleeveless tank is that you have less friction, particularly around the arms. This is important when you train long distances. All professional athletes who run for example marathons or who race for speed wear sleeveless garments to ensure they have no friction. When you add merino wool into the mix, then you will even benefit from no friction for example on your chest during a long race. 

Sleeping sleeveless

A sleeveless tank can also be a great item to wear during hot summer nights in bed. The sleeveless tank allows you to still feel well covered but also ensures that you stay cool and comfortable despite hot temperatures. Here also the evaporation underneath your arms comes in handy, and the merino wool will ensure moisture-wicking on the rest of your upper body. 

Show off your well-trained arms

Finally, a sleeveless tank is of course also a great way to show off your arms if you have been working out. A sleeveless tank might not be appropriate to wear in an office context or at a party, but otherwise, the casual style of the sleeveless is nowadays widely accepted and lets you show off your well-toned muscles. 

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