8 tips for no-impact camping

With the Easter holidays coming up, some of us may consider going camping. Camping allows us to emerge ourselves entirely in nature and experience the wild and basic life. Experiencing the great outdoors is a wonderful recreational activity that includes adventures, being active, whilst also calming our minds and nurturing our souls with beautiful memories. Being based in South Africa, we are also lucky to be living in such a beautiful country with many wonderful camping opportunities. 

However, like any activity, camping can also have a negative impact on the environment, threatening the habitat of wildlife and vegetation. If we want to enjoy nature in the near future, it is important to camp sustainably and to leave no impact. In this edition of the Core Merino blog post, we provide you with some hands-on tips on how to camp with care. 

Use what you have

Like with any activity we embark on, we have the tendency to invest in new gear and equipment that we only use once or twice a year, if at all. Instead of buying new camping gear, use what you already have or borrow equipment from friends and family. This is also relevant for your clothes. If you for example already own some merino wool garments for hiking or biking, you can make good use of the same garments during your camping trip, wearing them day and night and staying comfortable throughout.

Pack sustainably

It may seem convenient to pack disposable items such as plastic bags, cutlery, and cups as you can then dispose of them during the trip. But you guessed it, disposable plastic items are not sustainable and should never be disposed of in nature. Find sustainable and reusable items instead, and carry everything with you at all times. 

Carpool to your destination

Another point to consider when camping sustainably is how to actually get to your camping destination. Try to use as few cars and camper vans as possible to keep carbon emissions low. Besides, fewer cars driving on the road means a smaller abrasion of rubber from wheels that end up as microplastic in our beautiful environment. You may also research public transportation options if available. 

Stay on trails 

Once you have arrived at your destination, be sure to only stay on existing trails. It might be tempting to go off-trail to catch a particularly beautiful view or feel more adventurous. Unfortunately, you may inspire others to follow suit. This will lead to trails getting wider and side trails developing. This means that soil is compacted and erosion progresses. In addition, slow-growing vegetation will get damaged and may not grow back, while insects will find it harder to move on the compacted soil. Most likely the existing trails will anyway lead you past the most beautiful spots, so just stick to the paths most traveled. 

Camp on campsites

The same can be said about campsites. Only set up camp in designated campsites instead of camping in the wild. Setting up a tent, shuffling around your camping chairs, and cooking all have an impact on the soil, vegetation, and wildlife around you and should therefore only be limited to pre-defined areas. 

Respect wildlife

One of the magical moments in nature is when we encounter wildlife. Be sure to always give any animal you encounter on your trip enough space to not disturb them unnecessarily and to keep them and yourself safe. Another important point is to not leave any food lying around. On the one hand, food may attract wildlife such as baboons, which can get quite annoying or even dangerous in case it attracts more dangerous animals such as a lion. Finally, human food is unhealthy for most wildlife creatures, and they should not be exposed to it. 

Be fire safe

A little campfire might seem quite romantic, or might even be more comfortable during a cold night. Nevertheless, fires can not only be unsustainable, but also very risky. Inform yourself about the fire policy within the camping grounds you are in. It may be a severe dry season when fires are not allowed at all. If campfires are allowed, be sure to only use an existing fire pit and do not start a new one. 

Leave things better than before 

Finally, when it is time to leave, make sure you do a proper clean-up. Sweep the entire camping grounds to ensure you did not leave any garbage behind. Even pick up garbage that is not yours, take everything with you, and leave things better than before.  


We hope you will soon start an adventurous, magical and sustainable camping trip. Do you have another tip on how to camp sustainably? Do leave us a comment and share your camping insights with us. 



Three goals-setting tips that will help you achieve your new year’s resolutions for real


On the 30th of April 1918, the well-known writer T.S. Elliot wrote in his diary, ‘Not gone to the gym once this month. Failure! Failure! Failure! Can’t I do anything right? My New Year’s resolution sagged like my stomach’.


Who hasn’t felt like that before? Utter disappointment in yourself because you failed at achieving your New Year’s resolutions? You are not the only one. 25% of people abandon their new year’s resolutions within a week. And 60% abandon their resolutions within 6 months. Only 12% achieve what they set out to do. 


Did you know that the average person makes the same new year’s resolution 10 separate times unsuccessfully? One of our personal new year’s resolutions every year, here at the Core Merino team, is doing more sports and eating healthier. Does that sound familiar? But why do so many of us fail year after year? This is a question we asked ourselves after yet another disappointing year of not reaching our goals. 


So, we set out on a quest to find out about what it takes to actually fulfill our new year’s resolutions. We read many books and blog posts about goal setting, we even studied an entire online course to find out what works and what doesn’t. So in this blog post, we share three useful tips so that we can all together have a successful year 2022. 


Goal-setting tip 1: Write down your goals  

The first tip is to write down your goals. This is straightforward and everyone can do it.

In 2015, Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews did a survey with 267 participants on goal setting. She found out that you have a 42% greater chance of achieving your goals if you write them down. 

It is also important how we write them down. Often we just write ‘exercise regularly’. But you can do better than that. 

Instead, you could write something down like this: 

Finish a half-marathon by October 2022 by going for a run a minimum of three times per week.  


Let’s have a look at why this is better. First, it is much narrower and concrete. Second, it also has a deadline. Concerning deadlines, you must not set all your deadlines to December 31. Instead, spread them out across the year. Third, this goal is objective because there is a way of measuring if you have achieved your goal or not – you completed the half-marathon. 


Another thing to consider is that your goal, on the one hand, is realistic to achieve. So, you would not want to write down a goal, for example, that you will win the Iron Man race by October. Your goals need to fit into your life. On the other hand, the goal should also be challenging and inspiring enough to push you outside your comfort zone, where all the great things happen. 


Goal-setting tip 2: Write down your motivation  

Besides writing down your goal, you should also write down your motivation, your reason why.  Write down why this goal is important to you, how will it make you feel when you achieve it, and what is at stake if you don’t achieve it? Here is an example: By completing the half-marathon by October 2022, I will get in better shape and improve my health. This will enable me to go on more active outdoor adventures with my family without getting tired quickly. And this leads us already to the third tip that is also easy to implement. 


Goal-setting tip 3: Review your goals and motivation 

Look at your goals and your motivation regularly, ideally, look at them daily. For some reason, our mind tends to be very forgetful, and we need to constantly remind ourselves of the goals we have set out to achieve. By reviewing your goals daily, you can plan the next steps that you can take towards your goals each day. Why do we need to review our motivation daily? Because life will get in our way, and we will encounter so many obstacles that we will find it hard to achieve our goals. In exactly those moments when we feel down and unmotivated, we need to remember why we have this goal. Motivation is what gets you started and what will keep you going when you encounter difficulties.  


If you follow these three simple steps that everybody can do of writing down your goals, writing down your motivation, and reviewing both of them daily, you will see that 2022 will be your best year ever. 


And what happens if you fail, just like T.S. Elliot? Life gets busy, we get sick, we need to travel for work, the weather changes, and then we lose momentum. We then usually tend to give up on our goals entirely. Don’t be so hard on yourself and remember that every day is the 1st of January. You can always start again. Every day, you have the chance to get closer to reaching your goals.


Need some more inspiration to define your goals? Make sure you read the stories of our Core Merino field testers, who have managed to achieve their goals:

Field Tester Simone Sharpe

Field Tester Kim van Kets

Guide to a blissful snowy outdoor experience in cold temperatures 


Temperatures are nice and warm again in our beautiful country, South Africa, as we look forward to the summer and some time spent at the beach. However, some of us consider going skiing in the Northern Hemisphere. Considering hygiene rules, ski resorts are opening up for business and look forward to a good skiing season. (For more information on skiing season 2021/22 and the pandemic rules, check this website). As we write this blog post, there is a current travel ban for South Africans to fly abroad due to the newly discovered Omicron virus variant. However, we hope the travel ban is soon repealed and that you can still continue with your skiing plans. 


That brings us to the question of what to pack for a skiing trip with cold and snowy weather? The answer is obvious, of course: your suitcase should be filled with a selection of merino wool garments. But what do you really need? 


One of our colleagues actually lives in Germany and has been going skiing all her life. We asked her to put together a list of items for you that of course includes plenty of essential wool items and more. 


The basic rule for cold destinations

The basic rule is: wear wool next to skin as the first layer, then wear something that is wind and waterproof on the outside and as the last and outer layer. You probably require one or more layers between the first and the last layer, but that is your personal choice and depending on the activity and actual temperatures. If you feel you need even more layers in-between the first and the last layer, make sure they are all breathable.  

Let’s break this rule down one by one to make it easier for you to prepare and pack.


First Layer

The first layer is also called the base layer and includes all garments that you wear next to your skin. These should be ideally out of merino wool due to its many benefits (read more here) of keeping you warm, comfortable and dry, no matter what the outside temperature and what intensity your activity level is. Cotton base layers will get wet and clingy and actually let you feel cold quickly. Synthetic base layers easily get too hot and start to smell as you start to sweat. Merino wool however has been a fibre of choice for many skiers over the last decades as it keeps warm but not too hot while not developing any odours. 


Merino wool long johns or leggings

An important base layer is the leggings, or also often referred to as long johns. They keep your lower body warm underneath your skiing trousers. 



Sleeveless tank or shirt

For your upper body, you can either choose a sleeveless tank or a short or long sleeve shirt made from merino wool, depending on your preference. We recommend wearing a sleeveless tank as your first layer, as the cut of sleeveless tanks usually is snug around your upper body and will therefore keep you warm but also not feel bulky underneath the other layers. 

Sleeveless Tank Men Core Merino Front


Sleeveless Tank women Core Merino South Africa



Wool Socks

A very vital part to keep warm doing winter sports is your feet. Therefore, a good pair of wool socks is essential to take with you as nothing else will ensure your feet stay warm despite the temperature but also not make your feet sweat as you start to move in the snow. 

Second Layer 

Once your first or base layer is sorted, you will want to think about the second layer. This layer is there to give you that additional level of warmth during cold temperatures but is also the layer that can come off easily if you start to get too hot because you are maybe taking a break in a cozy chalet for lunch or a hot chocolate. 


Heavy long sleeve shirt

You may already be wearing a lightweight long sleeve shirt as your base layer, however, as a second layer, it is recommended to wear a slightly heavier weight and more loose-fitting garment. Often a zip-neck shirt is a good choice as you can flexibly open or close the zip to regulate your temperature. Choosing wool as a second layer is also good, as the first and the second layer will then work well together in managing moisture and body temperature. 






Sweater or fleece jacket

As an alternative to the long sleeve shirt, you can also choose a woolen sweater or a fleece jacket. This will add extra warmth if you tend to freeze more easily. We would always recommend a wool sweater over a fleece jacket, as most fleece jackets are made of polyester. Synthetic fleece jackets will keep you warm, but not live up to the task of preventing you from overheating. Also, fleece jackets shed a lot of microplastic fibres during wear and washing, which is something to avoid. 

Second pair of socks (if needed)

For those of you who tend to get cold feet quickly or if temperatures are way below freezing point, you may want to put on a second pair of woolen socks. If you double up on socks, you need to make sure that there is no strange friction that may cause you blisters. Also, check if you can fit your foot comfortably into your skiing boots with two socks on. If the shoe becomes then too tight, the woolen socks cannot do their job well of keeping your feet warm, and you will still get cold feet. Wool requires a bit of air around the feet, as this trapped air between your feet and the wool is what ensures warmth. 


Outer layer 

Once you figured out your first and second layers, it is time to look at the outer layer. According to the basic rule, this layer needs to be wind and waterproof. 


Skiing jacket and trousers

An obvious outer layer for skiing is of course a skiing jacket and trousers. These are designed to let you move freely on the skiing slopes while also protecting you from the elements. In most skiing jackets and trousers, the inside filling is a synthetic wadding or downs. However, if you are into wool as much as we are at Core Merino, you can also find brands that offer skiing jackets and trousers filled with wool wadding. These will keep you just as warm but help you not to overheat. 

Scarf or neck warmer

While most skiing jackets close high around your neck, you may still want to wear a scarf or neck warmer. Both items are widely available out of soft merino wool, so you will not feel itchy at all, but still be comfortably warm and protected from the wind blowing down your neck. 

Core Merino Neck Warmer great for running



Beanie, headband, and helmet

Like your feet, your head is one of the most important to protect while out in the mountains. Therefore, be sure to pack a beanie or headband to keep your head and ears cozy. There are also many beautiful merino wool products available and these will again make you feel very comfortable and never too hot. Another option is also to wear your neck warmer on your head. 


In some skiing resorts, wearing a helmet is mandatory. In some places, only children up to a certain age need to wear a helmet. However, when you look around, close to 80% of skiers wear a helmet on the slopes as that is the only safe way to prevent serious head and face injuries. Therefore, inform yourself about the local rules and put your safety over convenience. 



Like your feet and your head, also your hands will be one of the first body parts to get cold. Therefore, wearing thick skiing gloves that are also waterproof is important. There are many styles, fabrics, and filling combinations to choose from. If you search thoroughly, you can also find skiing gloves filled with wool, if you want to stick with the wool theme. 



Sunglasses are another key item to bring with you to the mountains. Even if the sky is filled with clouds, the sun still has a strong impact, and you cannot see well without sunglasses, so make sure you don’t forget to bring them with you. 



Another critical outer layer is sunscreen. As already mentioned, the solar radiation is very high up in the mountains in both clear and cloudy skies. Protecting your face from sunlight is therefore vital, as otherwise, you will end up with a strong sunburn without noticing it at first due to the wind. The rest of your body will be well protected from the clothes you wear and if you chill a bit in the midday sun on one of the restaurant terraces in your first or second merino wool base layer, the merino wool will protect you from the sun as well as it has a natural built-in UV protection. 


Skiing boots

Obviously, you will also need to bring with you or rent locally your skiing boots. Take the time to get some good assistance while choosing the right boots, as this will determine your skiing experience. 


We hope this guide proves helpful to you to prepare and pack for your next skiing adventure. Is there a garment that we missed? Let us know in the comments below. 


Some merino wool inspired gift ideas for everyone

It’s hard to believe that we are less than two months away from Christmas again, but with more and more of the world opening up, we are hopeful that more people will be able to spend the holidays with their loved ones again this year. Whether you will be traveling or staying closer to home this holiday season, we are here to help you find the perfect gift for every adventurer in your life from the avid hiker, the mountain biker, the train hopping Europe traveler, or even the downhill ski guru. This holiday, give the gift of temperature-regulating Merino wool and make their wish list a reality.


Gifts for hiking adventures

Let’s be honest, any outdoor gear or gadget makes a great gift. As you scroll through your options, it’s important to keep lifestyle and style preferences in mind. Does your partner love hiking? Invest in a new high-quality merino wool t-shirt that they’ll love to unwrap this holiday season. Your loved one will stay dry and comfortable in these free-moving styles. Designed with our Nuyarn merino fabric, these are the gift guide’s all-activity performance tops.

3 Tips for Traveling Light

Click here to shop our Short Sleeve Crew T-Shirt for men.

Core Merino T-shirt

Click here to shop our Short Sleeve Scoop Neck T-Shirt for women.


All-time goodies

Merino undies and neck warmers also make excellent stocking stuffers for anyone on your list. First on, last off, our undergarments are made with lightweight, breathable, and odour-resistant merino and have been designed for active pursuits. Unlike the man-made alternative, merino neckwear is odour-resistant. Regardless of whether your loved one tends to run hot or cold, our neckwear will literally have them covered.

Click here to shop our Merino Wool Underwear Bundle for women.

Click here to shop our Men’s brief underwear.

Core Merino Neck Warmer great for running

Click here to shop our Merino Wool Neck Warmer for men and women.


Something special and practical

If you’re planning a few fun camping trips this year, take a look at our jacket. Our jacket is lightweight and perfect for the outdoor lovers in your life. It features a water/wind resistant outer shell with merino wool on the inside to keep your temperature regulated and comfortable on any new adventure. 

Click here to shop our Waterproof Softshell jacket for women.

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Hopefully, our 2021 gift ideas were helpful for you. If you’re still not sure, feel free to drop us a line, and we’ll happily help you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. If you decide to buy one of our products, make sure you place your order before 12 pm on 17 December 2021 for us to deliver the gift just in time before Christmas. 


Our frequent traveler and Core Merino Brand Developer Monica Ebert shares her insights for traveling light


As the world slowly but surely starts opening up again, we are very much looking forward to getting back to exploring and experiencing new places. But how many times have you taken a trip and not worn half of the clothing you packed? I know I have, but thankfully I have learned a few new packing hacks to make the next trip a little lighter. Even if you are not quite ready to hop on an airplane again, the below travel tips are also useful even on a staycation closer to home. 


5, 4, 3, 2, 1 rule for packing

I regularly am on the go and always struggled with packing until I discovered the 5,4,3,2,1 rule for packing. This ‘rule’ has been a game-changer for me, packing much more swiftly ahead of each new adventure. The rule stands for packing five pairs of socks and undies, four tops, three bottoms, two pairs of shoes, and one hat. By limiting the number of items you bring, it saves space and keeps you from having to lug around unnecessary items to help make your travels more smooth. Plus, there is nothing worse than having to pay extra baggage fees for overweight luggage. 


Pack in your favourite merino items

Sticking to the 5,4,3,2,1 rule for packing, you can minimise this even further, depending on the trip type and length, by only packing a couple of shirts but making sure to pack Merino ones. Because Merino wool is antibacterial, moisture-wicking, and breathable, it stays fresh for longer periods of time. This means you can pack even fewer items, saving even more space in your luggage. Plus, it is easy to handwash your merino tops, even if they do get a little dirty on your travels.


No more ‘just in case’ clutter

Another common thought while packing is, I should pack this ‘just in case’. And while sometimes these items do come in handy, it’s more than likely you can live without them. So, when packing, ask yourself, ‘will I 100% use or wear this item?’ before packing anything inside your travel bag. When you ask yourself and the answer is “maybe”, don’t pack it. If the answer is “but what if I need it?” still don’t pack it. Should the need actually arise, you can always grab it at a local shop, borrow it, or figure out a creative solution.


With these helpful tips, your next trip is sure to be a breeze so you can spend less time worrying about heavy or overweight luggage and have more time to explore your new surroundings. And if you’re not sure what to pack, have a look at our favourite travel picks here.


With Mandela Day right around the corner and the current crises we are facing in South Africa, we can’t help but feel the need to spread a little positivity and make sure we are all working to make the world a better place. Fortunately, Mandela Day is on July 18th which serves as a great reminder to us all to do our part, even if only through small acts, to help make the world a better place.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Clean up the beach, park, or local neighborhood.
  • Plant a community garden for everyone to enjoy.
  • Offer to fix things at a local school or community center.
  • Help someone find a job. Serve as a mentor to them and help put together and print a CV for them, or help them with their interview skills.
  • Donate books to your local library or run a book drive to collect and distribute books to under-resourced schools. 
  • Participate in a charity cycle, run, hike, or other activity, and raise funds for meaningful causes based on the kilometers or time spent on the activity.

Click here for more ideas on how to give back this Mandela Day.

By starting off with small acts to inspire change you will find the joy in giving back. By giving a little of your time each day to make an impact in your local community or by giving a little of your time to make a difference in someone else’s life, you can start changing the world around you.

There are unlimited ways to make a difference. Start with what you are passionate about and watch your actions have a lasting impact.

In 2021, most of your typical Valentine’s Day date options are difficult to undertake because of current lockdown restrictions. However, this year we have one advantage working in our favour: the 14th of February falls on a Sunday! This means we can be romantic all day long! At Core Merino we have put our heads together to think of different ways to spend some romantic time on Valentine’s Day with our loved ones. Here is what we came up with.

Climb to the top

Since Valentine’s Day falls onto a Sunday, you can plan a whole hiking field trip. Do some research on excellent mountain top views around your area that offer beautiful hiking paths all the way to the top. Make sure you don’t forget to kiss your better half after you catch your breath from climbing up and enjoying the breathtaking view.  

Ride down memory lane

Another way to enjoy Valentine’s Day is to plan a bike ride to a spot that is important in your relationship. This could be the place where you first met, shared your first kiss, or if you are married where you got engaged. 

Make a wish on a shooting star

Is there anything more romantic than stargazing? If you have a yard or balcony and weather permits, you can plan a romantic evening by looking into heaven. Get out some warm blankets, prepare a small picnic, and cuddle beneath the stars with your loved one. Don’t forget to make a wish when you see a shooting star!

Do an adventure walk – and fall in love again

Research has shown that we are more likely to fall in love with each other in a dangerous situation than in a mundane setting. In more concrete terms, you are more likely to fall in love while water rafting than in an office setting. Why not turn this into an opportunity to rekindle our romantic love? Ok, don’t get yourself in danger, but try out something new. For example, you and your partner could explore a neighborhood you have never been to or go for a hike trying not to use your cell phone or map for orientation (do keep it in your backpack, just in case). 

Plan future trips and vacations

If lockdown or the weather does not permit spending the day outside, you could use the time together to plan future trips, holidays, and other adventures. During normal non-lockdown times, we often complain about not having enough time to prepare for our holidays or weekend getaways. So, instead of passing your time on Netflix you could actually get your planning and research done together and plan a trip both of you can look forward to in the future. 

Stay in bed

Last but not least, there is always the most romantic option to just spend the day in bed together as you may have done in the past but did not seem to have the time to do so lately. Treat yourself to some relaxing romantic horizontal time – dreaming, talking, laughing…you get the gist…

We hope you make the best of Valentine’s Day under lockdown conditions by spending some time together with your loved one. Be active, be together and create some memories that will make you as a couple stronger. Enjoy. 

Valentine's Day at Core Merino - run together

Gift a little comfort, warmth, and softness this year

We don’t want to hear it and we don’t want it to be true, but let’s face it: This Christmas 2020 will be different, strange, and not what we are used to. Why? Because the Covid-19 pandemic is still a major health threat and continues to disrupt our lives including this year’s Christmas. At this time as we write this blog post, we don’t know yet, what the health and safety measurements are going to be like during our Christmas and Holiday season. Will we be able to travel and meet our family members? How many households will be able to come together? Can we visit family abroad or have family from abroad visit us? The uncertainties are plenty and we need to brace ourselves for an emotional rollercoaster, willingness to stay flexible, and adapt our plans as things become clearer closer to Christmas. 

At the Core Merino office, we try to apply some lessons we learned in our Yoga and Meditation classes: Living in the moment and accepting the things around us that we cannot change or influence in order to feel calmer and happier. Maybe this mindfulness practice will help you as well if thinking about the upcoming Christmas season makes you feel uneasy and anxious.

However, there are a few things we can already plan and prepare as December is almost here such as finishing our Christmas shopping online. Like last year, we have put together some ideas that might inspire you to find the perfect gift for one of your loved ones. 

Here are our 2020 Core Merino Christmas gift ideas:


Neck Warmer – A practical face mask

Speaking of the Covid-19 pandemic, our neck warmer is a practical gift that can be worn as a face mask. The advantage is that when we put it around our neck once we go out, we always have it handy when we need to cover our face. This neck warmer is a sustainable choice, as it can be worn throughout the year and not only during a pandemic. 

Neck Warmer

Pajamas – Or a better night sleep

PJs for Christmas? What a boring gift idea. Point taken, but hear us out! Our merino wool summer and winter sleepwear bundles are not just something to wear when you sleep, they actually help you sleep better by enhancing your overall sleep quality. Research shows that sleeping in merino wool helps you fall asleep faster, have longer periods of a deep sleep, and help sleep longer. So are you going to gift pajamas or a better night’s sleep with our sleepwear set? We let you decide. 

Core Merino Sleepwear Bundle Women

Yoga Wear – Or a calmer mind

As mentioned in this blog post earlier, all of us are living through troubling and uncertain times. This requires us to adopt some strategies that help us stay calm, motivated, and resilient. Research shows, that regular yoga or mindfulness practice can help us build a resilient mindset. Maybe you know that one of your friends or family members has started practicing Yoga or is thinking of joining an (online) yoga class. In this case, gifting them one of our Yoga garments or even the Yoga Bundle can help them stay motivated to start and continue practicing.    

Merino Wool Yoga Bundle

Polo Shirt – Or a smart sharp yet comfortable look

We just received a new order of Men’s Polo Shirts and as we unpacked them in our warehouse and had our male colleagues try them on, we knew we had a winner. Our polo shirts magically make you look well dressed. The polo is suitable for leisure and more official events while always feeling comfortable due to the merino wool benefits. So if you are looking for a present for a man, you cannot go wrong with this merino wool polo shirt

Polo Shirt

Hopefully, our 2020 gift ideas were helpful for you. If you decide to buy one of our products, make sure you place your order before 12 pm on 18 December 2020 in order for us to deliver the gift just in time before Christmas. 


3 Ideas for this year’s Heritage/Braai Day to bring us together and build meaningful connections


At Core Merino, we love a good Braai. We even organise Braais at the office to bring all of our colleagues who contribute to creating Core Merino garments together. Cooking food over an open fire is a South African tradition that connects us all which is why it is a fantastic way to celebrate our Heritage Day on 24 September. 

When we discussed our Braai traditions for Heritage Day in the Core Merino office, we started thinking about other ways we could come together and honour our country’s rich cultural diversity as well. Here is what we came up with.

Enjoy our Natural Heritage

Connections not only happen over food, but they also happen when we experience nature together. While South Africans have a rich heritage, our natural heritage has an even richer variety to offer. Take your family or friends outdoors into nature, as connecting with nature and experiencing an adventure together, also lets us come closer together. 

With international borders still closed there has never been a better time or excuse to explore right here at home. Here are a few of our favourite places to reconnect with nature.

Golden Gate Highlands National Park

Sometimes it’s not enough to just soak up the awesome scenery, you need to immerse yourself in it to be able to feel a part of it. In the Free State province, in and around the Golden Gate Highlands National Park, you can do exactly this. Whether it’s feeling the rush of the rapids with some white-river rafting or hiking up incredible mountains, there are plenty of adventures to have in this scenic corner of South Africa.

The Atlantic Ocean

The waters of the Atlantic Ocean, which wash most of the coast of South Africa’s Western Cape province, are not particularly warm. That’s why many adventurers in these parts prefer to be on top of the ocean, rather than in it. But even if the water isn’t warm, it is welcoming – sea kayaking is one of several popular water-based ways to explore Western Cape, ideal for those who want to combine exercise, relaxation, and sightseeing. Whales, dolphins, sharks, sunfish, seals, and several seabird species are among the wide variety of marine wildlife common in these parts.

Pilanesberg National Park

See the Big 5 just a few hours from Johannesburg or Pretoria in one of South Africa’s most popular wildlife areas. Set in the eroded remains of an ancient volcano that towered 7000 m high and spewed fire 2 billion years ago, thousands of millions of years of erosion have left only the dead volcano’s dykes and sills to encircle the reserve. The explosive turbulence spat up all sorts of interesting rock formations and rare minerals. This well-stocked reserve offers a fittingly dramatic landscape that supports a wide variety of plants, animals, and birds.

Enjoy our Wildlife

South Africa not only has a diverse population of humans but also a diverse population of animals. Our relationship with the animals that inhabit this beautiful country together with us also says a lot about ourselves. Watching wildlife on a safari, in an animal park or on a boat tour is a meaningful connection and experience to have together as a family or with friends. 

Packing for Safari

Unite in Outdoor Activities

Another way to connect is by doing activities together outdoors. You could plan an outdoor experience for your family and finish an exciting day with a braai at home. 

Organise a Hiking Trip

Walking is the slowest form of moving from A to B, but it is the only way that will let you reach hidden and remote places no car or bike can get you to. Research hiking paths in your area and amaze your friends and family with an unexpected adventure right at your doorstep. 

See more on a Cycling Tour

In contrast to hiking, a cycling tour can let you see much more over a larger distance. Many places offer great cycling paths to go and explore the area. If you happen to have an e-bike you can even explore further without breaking too big of sweat and be back just in time for that braai. 

Try something new like Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Sometimes it is also nice to create new traditions by trying something new. Have you ever tried to do stand up paddleboarding before? It looks so calm and easy, but actually is a great workout for your entire body and mind. So instead of doing the same activity each Heritage Day, get your friends and family to try something new this time. 

Ready, Set, Braai

We hope this little set of ideas was an inspiration for you to come together with others, create meaningful connections, and celebrate the diversity and the traditions our beautiful people and nature have to offer. And of course, don’t leave out that delicious braai.

No need to mention here, that all of your Core Merino garments will help you enjoy your little adventure even more ;-).

Happy Heritage Day Everyone!

Jaques Marais Stand up Paddleboarding