Why a merino wool garment is a perfect gift

Christmas gift ideas 2019 Core Merino

Why a merino wool garment is a perfect gift

Core Merino Christmas gift ideas 2019

Are you still missing a few Christmas gifts to give to your loved ones during our favorite holiday of the year? May we suggest to consider gifting a Core Merino garment this year?

It may not be your obvious choice but a gift made of wool comes with a lot of special benefits your loved ones will appreciate. 

Finding the perfect Christmas present seems to have become even more complex as we live in a world where our houses tend to be overflowing with stuff we don’t really need. In addition, we have to make more sustainable choices in order to protect our lovely planet. 

Of course, at Core Merino, we are just a little bit biased 😉 but we find our merino wool garments tick a lot of the boxes of a perfect gift. Wool garments are practical, they can be worn for many different activities from sports, to everyday activities and travel. In addition, wool garments are long-lasting and will provide pleasure and value for a very long time. Last but not least, garments made out of wool are sustainable for many different reasons, which we already blogged about previously here

Here are our 2019 Core Merino Christmas gift ideas tailored for different interests and activities. Is the person you are looking to surprise with wool a jetsetter, an adrenaline seeker, an adventurer or a skier? Then we got some ideas for you.    

Jetsetter – Nuyarn Bikini Brief or the Nuyarn Soft Shell jacket


If your family member or friend likes to travel, consider our Nuyarn Bikini Brief  or Nuyarn Soft Shell jacket. Our Merino apparel is perfect for packing lightly as travel clothing. Featuring all the odor-resistant, temperature-regulating and moisture-managing benefits of Merino, our clothing allows you to wear them more often over the duration of a trip to save space in your luggage. Plus they wash easily and dry quickly—making them ideal for life on the go.


Adrenaline Seeker – Nuyarn Sleeveless Tank or our Nuyarn Sports Bra

These gift ideas are perfect for anyone with an interest in climbing, mountain biking or trail running. Designed with comfort and performance in mind our nuyarn pieces feature a nylon core for extra durability on the mountain. These pieces will help you stay comfortable while you can focus more on your favourite activities and better enjoy time in the great outdoors.


Adventurer – Nuyarn Short Sleeve Scoop Neck or Nuyarn Zip-Neck 

These gift ideas are well suited for anyone who likes to go hiking. Our garments feature flat-lock seams to keep you chafe-free all day long and resist odors even after multiple days on the trail.  Prepare for any hike by gearing up with lightweight wool base layers. Merino wool also protects you from harmful UV rays making it the ideal garment for days in the sun.


Off to the ski slopes – with Leggings and Nuyarn Long Sleeve Crew

Some of your loved ones may take the Christmas holidays as an opportunity to go skiing in the northern part of the world where it is wintertime. In colder temperatures and snow the best strategy to stay warm is the layering technique. This means you wear several garments on top of each other. The air which gets trapped between the layers then keeps us warm while the merino wool continues to breathe and regulate any moisture so you don’t overheat or get sweaty underneath all the layers. Wearing leggings underneath skiing trousers or jeans and a long-sleeved shirt underneath a sweater will provide that extra comfort in cold and damp weather. 

Hopefully, our 2019 gift ideas were helpful for you. If you decide to buy one of our products, make sure you place your order before noon on 20 December 2019 in order for us to deliver the gift just in time before Christmas. 

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