Field Tester Zane Schmahl


Insights from the Vasbyt Expedition Race


Zane Schmahl is another one of our Core Merino field testers. Zane, who calls himself an Adventure Bunny, recently took part in the Vasbyt Expedition Race. We had a short talk to him to learn more about his latest Vasbyt experience. 


Core Merino: Tell us about the Vasbyt Expedition Race. 


Zane Schmahl: The Vasbyt Expedition Race strives to bring international quality races to the South African adventure racing community, by doing so they create “hardcore” events to set the bar. This has been my second failed attempt of completing a Vasbyt. 


Core Merino:  Not having finished for the second time, does that stop you from trying again?


Zane Schmahl: Certainly not, we all strive to be better, and sometimes we have to ask ourselves where that line of “better” starts or ends. I don’t know the answer to that yet and while I still search for those parameters I will continue to push my limits into the unknown. The Drakensberg are relentless mountains when you push your limits, from extreme heat to extreme cold and harsh terrain to traverse. 


Core Merino: You wore Core Merino during all of these extreme temperatures. Tell us a little more about that, please. 


Zane Schmahl: I started the race with a Core Merino garment, hiked for 17 hours up to 3400 m above sea level to find our first Checkpoint of the race, got onto our bikes to do a 25 km ride in the heat of the day to put in our Kayaks into the Umzukulu River for a 50 km paddle down white water rapids, getting drenched every time we hit a rapid. All of this in the same T-Shirt, helping to regulating my body temperature. 


Core Merino: Vasbyt is difficult for any athlete to finish. Where did you leave off? 


Zane Schmahl: I completed my journey of the Vasbyt course with a 110 km Mountain Bike ride. There were 2 more legs off this expedition race left, leaving me wanting.


Zane is a remarkable and motivational athlete, and we love him for taking Core Merino to all different extremes. Our field testers like Zane help us develop our product line with the goal of keeping you comfortable during whatever activity as well as allowing you to travel lightly, as one set of garments can take you a long way.  Find out more about Core Merino’s benefits for outdoor activities and light travel in our other blog posts: 


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