Core Merino wishes everyone a wonderful Heritage Day

3 Ideas for this year’s Heritage/Braai Day to bring us together and build meaningful connections


At Core Merino, we love a good Braai. We even organise Braais at the office to bring all of our colleagues who contribute to creating Core Merino garments together. Cooking food over an open fire is a South African tradition that connects us all which is why it is a fantastic way to celebrate our Heritage Day on 24 September. 

When we discussed our Braai traditions for Heritage Day in the Core Merino office, we started thinking about other ways we could come together and honour our country’s rich cultural diversity as well. Here is what we came up with.

Enjoy our Natural Heritage

Connections not only happen over food, but they also happen when we experience nature together. While South Africans have a rich heritage, our natural heritage has an even richer variety to offer. Take your family or friends outdoors into nature, as connecting with nature and experiencing an adventure together, also lets us come closer together. 

With international borders still closed there has never been a better time or excuse to explore right here at home. Here are a few of our favourite places to reconnect with nature.

Golden Gate Highlands National Park

Sometimes it’s not enough to just soak up the awesome scenery, you need to immerse yourself in it to be able to feel a part of it. In the Free State province, in and around the Golden Gate Highlands National Park, you can do exactly this. Whether it’s feeling the rush of the rapids with some white-river rafting or hiking up incredible mountains, there are plenty of adventures to have in this scenic corner of South Africa.

The Atlantic Ocean

The waters of the Atlantic Ocean, which wash most of the coast of South Africa’s Western Cape province, are not particularly warm. That’s why many adventurers in these parts prefer to be on top of the ocean, rather than in it. But even if the water isn’t warm, it is welcoming – sea kayaking is one of several popular water-based ways to explore Western Cape, ideal for those who want to combine exercise, relaxation, and sightseeing. Whales, dolphins, sharks, sunfish, seals, and several seabird species are among the wide variety of marine wildlife common in these parts.

Pilanesberg National Park

See the Big 5 just a few hours from Johannesburg or Pretoria in one of South Africa’s most popular wildlife areas. Set in the eroded remains of an ancient volcano that towered 7000 m high and spewed fire 2 billion years ago, thousands of millions of years of erosion have left only the dead volcano’s dykes and sills to encircle the reserve. The explosive turbulence spat up all sorts of interesting rock formations and rare minerals. This well-stocked reserve offers a fittingly dramatic landscape that supports a wide variety of plants, animals, and birds.

Enjoy our Wildlife

South Africa not only has a diverse population of humans but also a diverse population of animals. Our relationship with the animals that inhabit this beautiful country together with us also says a lot about ourselves. Watching wildlife on a safari, in an animal park or on a boat tour is a meaningful connection and experience to have together as a family or with friends. 

Packing for Safari

Unite in Outdoor Activities

Another way to connect is by doing activities together outdoors. You could plan an outdoor experience for your family and finish an exciting day with a braai at home. 

Organise a Hiking Trip

Walking is the slowest form of moving from A to B, but it is the only way that will let you reach hidden and remote places no car or bike can get you to. Research hiking paths in your area and amaze your friends and family with an unexpected adventure right at your doorstep. 

See more on a Cycling Tour

In contrast to hiking, a cycling tour can let you see much more over a larger distance. Many places offer great cycling paths to go and explore the area. If you happen to have an e-bike you can even explore further without breaking too big of sweat and be back just in time for that braai. 

Try something new like Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Sometimes it is also nice to create new traditions by trying something new. Have you ever tried to do stand up paddleboarding before? It looks so calm and easy, but actually is a great workout for your entire body and mind. So instead of doing the same activity each Heritage Day, get your friends and family to try something new this time. 

Ready, Set, Braai

We hope this little set of ideas was an inspiration for you to come together with others, create meaningful connections, and celebrate the diversity and the traditions our beautiful people and nature have to offer. And of course, don’t leave out that delicious braai.

No need to mention here, that all of your Core Merino garments will help you enjoy your little adventure even more ;-).

Happy Heritage Day Everyone!

Jaques Marais Stand up Paddleboarding

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