How to protect and store your wool clothes

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Tips to ensure a long life for your favorite wool garments

Most of us will have lived through this terrible moment when you pull your favorite wool garment out of your closet and find it has been eaten by moths. A moth attack can happen to everyone, it even happens to the rich and famous like actress Drew Barrymore. However, there are a few things we can do to protect your wool clothes and ensure that moths do not feast in our closets, and keep our favorite garments safe. 

Clean before storing

Moths are especially attracted to garments that still have some lingering body oils or food stains. Therefore, it is best to only store freshly washed wool garments to make them less attractive.

Movement, light, and cleaning

Moths prefer a dark and quiet environment. Therefore, if you leave your closet doors open from time to time and move your garments around on a regular basis, they feel disturbed. Vacuuming and wiping out your cupboards is also an excellent action you can take to reduce the likelihood of moths getting comfortable inside your closet. 

Storing methods

Another measure is to store your wool garments in special bags or containers, to prevent moths from accessing the garments. There are several options available. 

Vacuum bags

Vacuum bags seal in garments airtight and don’t take up much space in your closet. However, they can also trap moisture leading to mold which is counterproductive. 

Cloth bags

Cloth bags out can also prevent moths from finding their way into your clothes. Make sure, any holes or zippers are tightly shut. 

Storage bins

Another option is storage bins to organise and safely store your garments. However, they tend to take up a lot of space in your closet. 

Cedar or lavender 

Last but not least, you can work with smell. There are many moth balls available in the market to help fight moths. Our advice is to only use them as a last resort and only as recommended by the manufacturer. The reason is that they are packed with unhealthy chemicals, which you will not want to have in your bedroom and around your kids. As an alternative, you can use cedar wool or lavender inside your drawer, hanging rails, and shelves which are natural and have a lovely smell


We hope these tips prove to help keep your wool garments safe. But don’t fret if a moth does find its way into your closet, it just happens sometimes despite your due diligence. Just accept that moths, just like you, really, really love wool. 

Don’t forget to check out our next blog post, where we share what to do, if a moth has eaten up your wool garments. 


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