South African Merino – grown in line with high animal welfare standards

How South African woolgrowers take good care of their sheep

South Africa is a beautifully diverse country with a long and rich history of sheep and wool farming. This long history has established woolgrowers who have a keen appreciation of how to care for their animals, the environment, and the well-being of their staff. As a result, the industry consistently generates a high-quality, environmentally sound product which we proudly use across all the products in our range. While it naturally makes sense that we use South African wool in our product range, there are a number of reasons why South African wool specifically makes such a spectacular fibre.

The first Merino sheep arrived in South Africa in 1789, and the sheep and wool industry on a commercial basis was quickly established thereafter. Until now, South Africa remains one of the top wool-producing nations in the world, especially for Merino wool. South African woolgrowers genuinely care for their animals and the environment and are committed to doing what’s best for their animals and the land which is a key responsibility in caring for healthy and happy sheep. This is best substantiated by the amount of certified RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) wool South Africa is supplying globally. With over 1,000 South African wool growers who have voluntarily signed up and are currently being audited to the standard, the wool growers are ensuring they are held to high standards in regard to animal welfare, the environment, and for their staff members.

The weather in South Africa is known to be quite hot and arid but can also have particularly extreme weather conditions of sub-zero temperatures as well. Despite this, sheep live largely a carefree life due to the inherent cooling and insulating properties of their wool which is naturally renewable and grows year after year. The fleece protects sheep from the weather, keeping them warm during winter and cool during the hot summer.

Sheep farms in South Africa are often managed by multi-generational farming families, making it a career based on true passion and understanding of the wellbeing of the land and animals as well as those who look after all of it. South African woolgrowers understand the relationship between environmental health and wool quality. High-quality wool is only grown by healthy sheep, who in turn graze on healthy pasture and land. Working tirelessly to care for their environment and their sheep, South African woolgrowers manage the land to meet the needs not only of their generation but of future generations too.

Through best practice, sustainable farming, South African woolgrowers can protect and regenerate the land and care for the health and happiness of not only their sheep but staff members as well. Ultimately, providing one of nature’s most sustainable fibre to be utilised in garments such as Core Merino ones.

Interested to learn more about Core Merino and sustainability. Have a look at our sustainability page.

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