The Guide to Wearing Wool in Summer


How wool helps you stay cool and comfortable during high summer temperatures


It may sound strange to some, but merino wool is one of the best fibres to wear in the summer months. Now hear us out on this, the highly sought-after properties of this incredible fibre are regularly praised throughout the colder months, but you can benefit from those same features year-round. Because merino’s incredibly fine, lightweight fibers draw moisture away from your skin and evaporate it into the air, it keeps you comfortable even in the heat. The superfine wool fibres feel soft against your skin and naturally resist odors, so you stay feeling fresh throughout the day.

So, exactly how does merino tick all the boxes for optimal comfort in the heat?


Built-in air-conditioning

We usually refer to Merino wool as being a fibre that is alive but more simply put, it is a technically active fiber that responds to both the external temperature and your body temperature, gaining and releasing heat to balance your skin’s microclimate. It’s like wearing your personal air-conditioning system.

Moisture wicking

A merino fiber can absorb up to 35% of its weight in moisture, before it feels wet. Of all natural fibres, this makes it one of the most hydrophilic. It actively absorbs sweat from your skin and then releases it into the air through evaporation. Generally, that’s a good thing because it absorbs your sweat or the rain to keep the fabric clinging to your skin. It gives your skin the room to do its job of regulating your body temperature.

While cotton is breathable and lightweight, it’s actually not ideal for warm weather because when it absorbs moisture it holds it next to your skin. For any situation in which sweat is a possibility, you’ll be more comfortable in a lightweight wool garment, which wicks moisture away from the skin, helping you stay cooler and drier. A few versatile, quick-drying pieces of summer weight wool clothing will take you far. 

Odour management

Merino fibers absorb odour molecules and trap them in their core where you can’t smell them. Merino has such incredible odor-resistance that you can wear it over and over again between washes.

Maintains lower body temperature

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, maybe this will – studies have shown merino wool is more efficient in helping your body maintain a constant and lower core body temperature when compared to synthetic materials. Ultimately, this reduces the rate at which lactic acid will increase in your muscles, allowing you to maintain a lower heart rate when you’re exercising. 

Merino wool – all year round fibre

Overall, wearing merino wool has a multitude of benefits that are sure to keep you feeling fresh all summer long. So instead of packing up all your wool items as we move into warmer temperatures, you can rather subtly change over your wardrobe, keeping your lightweight items in rotation all year round. 


Here are a few of our favourite summer-ready styles:


Core Merino T-shirt


Core Merino Polo Shirt



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